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Generate More Business With A Personally Branded Book!
We’ve written books for real estate agents to license and use as a marketing tool. Establish yourself as a trusted authority in your local market.  When you have your customized real estate books, you'll get more listings. 

By offering your prospects the knowledge to make informed decisions when buying and selling, you'll be easily recognized as a superior agent.
  • Amplify your value proposition.
  • Increase recognition and referrals.
  • Inform and Impress potential sellers.
  •  Position yourself as the most qualified Agent.
  •  Won't be thrown away like other marketing materials.
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Learn What Others Are Saying About Their Books!
"The books helped me land 10 listings year to date"
 ~ April
"Having my own book opened up the door greatly"
 ~ Thomas
"Beat out 5 other agents, including a big TV agent and it was the book that got me the listing"
 ~ Tim
"Neither one of those other realtors had a book, I snagged a 800K listing!"
 ~ Jim
Get Started Right Now With These 4 Easy Steps...
Choose from 14 Unique Book Topics and
Hundreds of Book Cover Designs
We have written 14 books to choose from that cover topics such as: FSBO, Expireds, First Time Buyers, 
Divorce Leads, Inherited homes, Vacant Homes, Delinquent Property Taxes and much more!
Business Card Book
I give it to sellers I meet, instead of giving them my business card. This is the most powerful book that you can use across the board. You can use it with your Facebook promotions, your past clients, your pre-listing package, your warm seller leads, and anyone who's thinking about selling. The book isn’t made toward any specific niche, so it can be used in almost any situation, just drop it off with the owner. Here’s what it includes:
  •  How to sell for more money
  •  How to sell for more money
  •  How to sell to any buyer
  •  Common negotiation mistakes
Home Buyer Guide
Give it any buyer leads you have. It demonstrates to buyers why you’re different from all the other Realtors. 

They’ll realize you are an expert and want to work exclusively with you to buy a home.
  •  Guide to real estate agents
  •  Needs and desires of homeowners
  •  Searching for the right home
  •  Do’s and Don’ts of negotiations
Expired Book
The expired books address the reasons a home didn't sell. Yes the price is the first thing to look at, but many times it’s the other variables that make the biggest difference. 

Give this book to expired listings and they will see what went wrong and how you can fix it.
  •  Reasons why homes don’t sell
  •  Marketing techniques to improve it’s chances
  •  What to do in a poor market
  •  Signs of an agent hurting your chances
Did you know 92% of FSBOs end up listing with a realtor?

The goal with our FSBO book is to show the seller how much work and details they have in front of them (and how much money they could lose), then they will call you. 

Some of the topics the book covers include:
  •  Why FSBO’s screw up negotiations 
  •  Tactics to sell your home for more  
  •  Advertising without an agent 
  •  Hidden costs & pricing strategy
First Time Home Buyer Guide
It’s just like the Home Buyer Guide Book, yet it’s written specifically for first time buyers. It educates them on how the entire home buying process works and why they need your help to buy a home. 

It goes into great detail for mistakes, tax relief, negotiations and everything else. Maybe this will convince them you’re more qualified than their agent. 
  •  14 common mistakes of first timers 
  •  Getting your first home loan
  •  Step to buying & closing a home 
  •  Real estate horror stories
Divorce Book
This year 732,000 divorcing couples will list their home for sale. Give this to people who are getting a divorce.

The book positions you as a divorce real estate expert and sells the divorcing home sellers on hiring you to sell their home.
  •  Finding out the worth of a marital home
  •  Splitting possessions and the profit 
  •  Going to court while in a sale 
  •  Dealing with uncooperative spouses
Inherited Book
We wrote this book to help guide people through the difficult process of inherited homes. I break down the legal aspects, the best strategies, prepping the home and even dealing with uncooperative family members.

Give this to any inherited leads to help them through the detailed process.
  •  Best options for families
  •  Legal aspects of selling an estate
  •  Tax Distribution among family 
  •  Vacating an inherited home
Vacant Homes Book
1.3 Million Vacant Homes are sold each year. You can get those listings with no competition, because no one else is marketing to them. 

Owners with vacant homes have so many options, especially if they are out of state. This book will break down each of those for them and convince them that you know how to deal with each situation in the process.
  •  When to rent or sell vacant properties
  • ​Why not living in your home makes it easier to sell 
  •  Safely selling a vacant home
  • ​Steps to take and mistakes to avoid
Delinquent Property Taxes Book
Did you know 17% of all delinquent property tax owners sell their home each year? Send your book to them and they’ll hire you to sell their home. 

The tax book is designed to give to people in debt, with a lien or just curious about their taxes. It will walk each owner through situations and options to deal with these things. Once they read this they will be convinced you are person to get them out of this situation. 
  •  Solving complex tax issues
  • ​Selling a home with a lien
  •  Tax relief and public assistance programs
  • ​Finding tax information for any home
How To Sell Your Home For More Money
This is a general book that lays out several different ways that a seller can sell their home for more money. It gives specific details on how your home selling strategies get them top dollar. 

This is one of our new and most versatile books. You can give it to anyone who owns a house. It will never expire. Then when they're ready to sell, they can go back to the book and learn to get the most out of the sale.
  •  How to stage each area of the home
  • ​How much to save money when selling a home
  •  Easy ways to improve curb appeal
  • ​Getting top dollar for your most important investment
Home Improvements Book
This is the perfect closing give, because most people want to do some remodeling after they buy a home. This book explains all the ins and outs of their different remodeling options from a return on investment perspective. 

The buyers will appreciate it and keep your book for future reference. It covers what renovations and improvements get the most for their money and what ones will not generate a good return.
  •  Upgrading flooring, walls and lighting
  • ​Living room upgrades and renovations
  •  Bedroom & Bathroon upgrades and ROI
  • ​Getting value from building additions
Ways To Advertise And Promote Your Home Book
This is a general book that lays out several different ways that a seller can sell their home for more money. The book goes through the entire marketing process and details new techniques that the owner probably didn’t know about as most realtors only have a few approaches they use. 

Give this to any interested seller and show them the ways you'll make their listing stand out and get them top dollar.
  •  How buyers search for homes
  • ​Small improvements that can net you thousands
  •  Using pictures and video to market your home
  • ​The importance of staging and curb appeal
Greg closed multiple listings priced at $1,000,000+
Here’s what Greg had to say about this new strategy...
"My competition pounds the phone day after day looking for listings. They even door knock trying to get listings. I’m so glad that I’ve got something different that immediately sets me apart from my competition.
Everyone who has done business with me said they were very impressed with the marketing. The $2.8 Mill listing I got from this program was the most expensive listing I’ve sold in my entire career.”
Cindy got 5 listings in just over 2 months
Cindy got 5 listings from the books in the last two and a half months. She leaves them in waiting rooms at doctor’s offices, car dealerships, etc.
People get bored in the waiting room and read her book. Complete strangers have read the books in the waiting room and called her to list their house.
Raymond used his book to list 5 homes...
Raymond gave the books away to FSBOs and they called him to list their home. He’s already made over $40,000 in commissions from the first five listings contacts he landed from the books. He drops them off on FSBO Doors. If the sellers are home, he’ll knock on the door and give him his book. If not, then he’ll leave it at their door.
When you team up today you'll get:
  • Content License: A License to use all our real estate books as your own.
  • Choice Of Book Covers: Hundreds of professionally designed covers to choose from.
  • Author Website: A personalized author website, blog, and marketing material for your books.
  • Home Value Website: A home value website for capturing leads from your books and blog.
  • Mobile Marketing: A mobile phone lead capture number and tracking software to measure the response to your books.
  • Training Strategies: Training materials to learn how to use your books to get business, how to separate yourself from competing agents, and how to sell advertising in your books so you can cover your marketing investment.
Team Up Monthly
Get started with our monthly plan!
Team Up Annually
Save 32% when you pay yearly!
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Sign up today and if you do not like the books for any reason just let us know and we'll give you your money back. This guarantee applies to the license fees only. We do not issue refunds on books once they have been personalized and printed.
Frequently Asked Questions
What kind of results can I expect?

I can’t tell you exactly what kind of results you will get from this program. After all, everyone’s marketplace and situation are different.
But, here are some of the results that others have gotten.

One agent recently tested out the books. He gave away 10 books to FSBOs. One seller called and asked to meet with him. But, he didn’t stop there. He followed up with all the other 10 FSBOs who had received a book. 

Most of them knew who he was. “You’re that guy who sent me that book”, they told him. He was able to set-up 2 more appointments from those calls. A total of 3 listing appointments. 

Now, I can’t tell you what kind of results you’re going to get. But, those are the results he got.
Are other agents in my area going to have the same books as me?

Ben Curry and Joe Nickelson actually use the same book in Jacksonville. And, they’ve never had any problems with overlap.
Just to make sure you won’t run into another agent with the same book, we’ve created 146 different variations of the books. 

We’ve got 15 different versions of the business card book, 12 different versions of the expired book, 12 FSBO books, 12 inherited books, etc. 

When you order your books, we double check to make sure no one else in your area has the same book as you. So, you’ll never overlap with another agent.
Is there a Money Back Guarantee?

Yes. We have a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. If you sign up today, you can check out the books and the system on our website. 

If you don’t like the books on the website, then just let me know and I’ll immediately refund your membership fee. 

Now, this guarantee applies only to the license fees. Unfortunately, we can’t issue refunds on books once they are printed with your picture, contact info, etc.

Just email Or, call us at (386) 752-6534 and let us know that you want a refund. 

Your charge will be refunded immediately. 
How much does it cost to buy books?

The books cost $3.15 to $9.90 each - depending on how many you buy. The more books you buy, the less you pay for each book. Here is the pricing:

25 Books - $177 ($7.08/book)
51 Books - ($5.67/book)
101 Books - $478 ($4.74/book)
250 Books - $973. ($3.89/book)
500 Books - $1,699 ($3.40/book)
1,000 Books - $3,149 ($3.15/book)

The prices above include shipping. We pay the cost to ship the books to you.
Why is there is a monthly licensing fee?

I’ve spent over $140,000 building out all 14 books that I’m going to give you. I’ve got 4 writers and editors on staff writing new books and tweaking the existing ones.

Plus, I’ve spent tens of thousands of dollars testing out these books in my marketplace. I’ve mailed out and given away thousands of books to real sellers. So I know they work.

That investment has enabled me to develop the best book marketing technology on the market.

You could go out and spend $140,000 to build out your own books. Start with basic technology and work to improve it.

Or, simply invest $97 a month to license everything from me. 
Is there a contract for the membership?
No. Our stuff works and a lot of agents have been using it for years. Because it actually works, we don’t have to lock you into an expensive contract.

If you ever decide to spend your marketing dollars somewhere else, just let us know and we’ll gladly cancel your membership. - All Rights Reserved © 2018