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Imagine You Had A Business Like This:
All you had to do every day was show up
and go on listing appointments. 
You didn’t have to set up the appointments. Why not? Because a Virtual Assistant set them up for you. That’s how I run my real estate business.
I have Virtual Assistants do the “grunt work” to find the best motivated sellers:
Here’s an email from my Virtual Assistant.
 (She found a motivated seller for me to list.)
All I have to do is meet with the seller and take the listing. For example:
A week after I got that email, I met with the seller and listed her property for $280,000: 
Here’s a few more listings my Virtual Assistant helped me get:
Prospected and found this $180,000 listing:
Prospected and found this $1,799,000 Listing.
Prospected and found this $189,900 Listing.
Prospected and found this $225,000 Listing.
Prospected and found this $450,000 Listing.
I even turned down a few listings.
Why? Because I didn’t want to take them on. One was this house with tenants. Ugh!!  
And virtual assistants are very affordable.
I paid her $560.46 that month:
No one has complained. 

They have such good accents that everyone thinks they are American. My assistant setup 11 listing appointments one month. And I listed 6 of them.
How many listings do you want?
  •  3-4 a month? Hire on 1 Virtual Assistant.
  •  6-8 Listings a month? Hire on 2 Virtual Assistants. 
But, that's not all!
Your Virtual Assistants can handle
  •  They can manage all your leads.
  •  Prospect for you.
  •  Follow up on your leads for you.
  •  Handle all your administration for you.
  •  Put listings into the MLS.
  •  Handle all your buyer leads.
  •  Do almost everything for you.
Basically 80% of your business
can be handled by them.
So all you had to do was the things that you like to do.
And, in case you think I’m crazy, here’s a quick list of all the things a virtual assistant can do for you.

#1: They can pull new seller leads for you. They can pull those really good, hard to find seller leads that you can list with no competition. And, if you use a lead provider (like the Redx), they can manage the leads for you.
#2: They can prospect and set up listing appointments for you. They do the “grunt work” to find the best motivated sellers and hand them off to you.
#3: They can help you convert those seller leads into a listing. They can email the seller your pre-listing packet. And, they can build a conversion email drip campaign for the sellers that aren’t listing right away. 
#4: They can manage all the paperwork after you take the listing. They can follow up with sellers to make sure disclosures and other paperwork are signed. 
#5: They can stay in touch with the sellers and keep them happy.
#6: They can handle all inquiries from other agents about your listings. (I have my Virtual Assistant answer all my incoming calls and screen them for me. This is a HUGE time saver.)
#7: They can handle 80% of your administrative work. The list of things they can do here is endless. But, here’s a quick sample. They can: enhance listing pictures, write the remarks for your listings, put the home into the MLS, answer the phone, follow up on closings, get quotes for a survey,
#8: They can cultivate your buyer leads. Most buyer follow up can be systematized and handled by a virtual assistant. They can set up listing alerts, send out emails, respond to emails, and hand your buyer leads over to a buyer’s agent. (They can even do 80% of the work required to recruit a buyer’s agent to your team.) 
#9: They can manage your Past Client / Sphere Database for you. I don’t know what you do with your past clients. But, they can send out emails. Send out Christmas Cards. And whatever other Database Marketing you do.
#10: They can build and manage your online marketing for you. Many Virtual Assistants have experience with online marketing. They can build and manage your website, blog for you, manage your SEO, generate online leads for you, etc.
#11: They can do all of your Social Media Marketing and manage your Social Media Advertising Campaigns for you. 
#12: Accounting and Bookkeeping. You can hire people with college degrees in accounting to help you manage your finances. (I haven’t done this yet. But, it’s the next thing I want to do.) 
Are you ready to build your dream business?
No matter where you are now, you can get there. Virtual assistants are the easiest way to do that. 
Here is the first thing I would do:
Step #1: Hire a Virtual Assistant to setup listing appointments for you.
Once you’ve got a whole bunch of listings (and a whole bunch of cash in the bank), then you can hire on more virtual assistants. 
Step #2: Hire a Virtual Assistant to handle all your administrative work. 
Step #3: Get another Virtual Assistant to get you more listings.
Step #4: Hire on a Listing Specialist, because you won’t be able to handle all the listings that two assistants will get for you.
Step #5: Hire on a buyer’s agent. You can even have your assistant find an agent to recruit. 
And before you know it, you’ll have an entire real estate business that runs without you.
Or, you can just work on the things that you like. Love meeting sellers? Just do that. Enjoy marketing? Spend your time on that and let someone else handle everything else.
Eventually you can even hire on someone else to run the whole business. They’ll hold everyone accountable - so you don’t have to. And you’ll be able to go on vacation without being interrupted constantly.
You could even sell your business (if you wanted to.) Or, just keep it and live off the income. Personally, I love real estate so much that I could never get out of it.
But, that’s just me. And, it’s also because I learned how to delegate all the things I don’t like to someone else. You can do the same thing.
Here’s How To Build Your Dream
Business That Runs Without You:
Grab a copy of my book: How To Build A Real Estate Business That Runs Without You.
And I’ll show you exactly how to build this dream business - step by step. I’ve hired and managed over 20 different virtual assistants.
And I’ll show you EVERYTHING I learned. I’ll show you exactly what to do… and more importantly… what NOT do to.
I had some problems when I hired on my first VAs. But, I quickly got them fixed. I’ll show you how I did that.
This book is a complete A to Z Blueprint
on hiring VAs to grow your business.
So, grab a copy now. And let’s build our dream business together.
Ben Curry
P.S. You gotta send me your feedback. I’m still perfecting my “dream business” blueprint. And I want you to let me know how it works for you.
Book for $19
Discover How To Build
A Business That
Runs Without You
Claim Your Copy Of The Virtual Assistant Training Manual.
30 Day No Questions Asked Guarantee!
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Copyright SmartAgents.com - All Rights Reserved