Are You Ready To Learn How To List 5-6 Vacant Homes Every Month With No Competition?
How To Quickly & Easily Get Listings By Targeting Vacant Homes
An Opportunity Unlike Any Other
In real estate investing, there is a saying that you don’t make your money when you sell, you make your money when you buy. 

The name of the game is finding amazing deals and then either keeping them for the long term or flipping them for a handsome profit.

All of this relies on investment properties being in good condition with a reliable tenant in place to produce a steady flow of income.

Properties that do not produce positive net cash flow will ultimately need to be sold. Many investors hold on to properties too long before selling.

When that happens, investors become motivated sellers, and where ever there are motivators sellers, there is opportunity.

For you, it's an opportunity to list more homes with no competition.
The Listings Are There For The Taking
Seems pretty simple right? Find motivated sellers and take the listing. So I did some research, and discovered in this niche there are more than 1.3 million vacant homes that sold last year. And that number continues to rise each and every year.
Want to know more?
Great, because were excited to show you how marketing to motivated sellers with vacant homes will help you easily beat out your competitors and keep your pipeline full.

That's why we'd like to invite you to join us on our next training webinar...
On The Webinar You'll Learn:
  •  How to get your fair share of the 1.3 million+ vacant homes that sell each and every year.
  •  Why vacant home owners are listing their homes in droves right now and why they are the most motivated of all sellers.
  •  Step by step instructions on how to identify motivated sellers with vacant homes to list.
  •  How to easily replicate this exact marketing system in your market and how to implement it.
PS: Space is VERY limited and this webinar will be at capacity...

Joe Nickelson

Realtor & Marketing Coach
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