How To Quickly & Easily Get 4-6 High-End Contracts Every Month By Listing Vacant Luxury Homes
Discover how to win lucrative listing contracts by marketing to vacant luxury homes...
From our perspective selling a $300K home versus a $3M home isn’t all that different. In fact, it’s just a change in your mindset and how you approach the market. 

These strategies are easy to follow and will help you exponentially multiply your commission checks.

Join us on our NEW webinar and I'll reveal my best strategies designed to help you list more million dollar homes.
Register for our NEW vacant luxury home workshop and break into the high-end
Presented By Joe Nickelson
Real Estate Marketing Consultant
On this training you will learn:
  • Why Vacant Homes Are Listing In Droves: How to get your fair share of the 1.3 million vacant homes that will sell this year alone.
  • How To Identify Vacant Homes In Your Market: Learn how to find all of the vacant luxury homes in your area and start listing them today.
  • Step By Step Instructions: Learn how to easily implement this exact marketing system step-by-step and become the go-to vacant luxury listing agent in your local market.
  •  How To Outmaneuver Your Competition: Learn how to distinguish yourself as the preferred agent of choice in your area and and take listing contracts away from competing mega agents and top producers.
Join These Successful Top Agents Who Took Action & Changed Their Lives
"This allowed me to differentiate myself from the competition and gave me a way to offer more value to my clients. It's a very small investment with a very high upside on the ROI."
~ Joshua from Southern California
"I won several listing contracts instantly by using these techniques. That's how much credibility it gave me."
~ Les from Central Colorado
"With over my 15 years in the industry, I've tried many marketing ideas, but nothing has even come close. This has truly made a difference."
~ Alexis from Alberta Canada
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