Will You Take The 4 Listings
In 30 Days Challenge?
Learn How You Can Radically Transform Your Real Estate Business Today
Would you like to get 4 new listings in the next 30 days?
Then take the challenge. We’ve got a simple, step-by-step plan that any agent can use to build a marketing platform that works.

And we'll show you how to use this plan to build your confidence, improve your skills, and amplify your reputation in your local market. 
So how does it work?
It's really simple, but you first need to join us to see it for yourself. Join us on the webinar and we'll show you all the details. And the best part about it is this plan works in any market.

So no matter if your market is red hot, highly competitive, in low demand, or struggling for a supply of affordable homes, we'll show you several little known strategies that will help you get more listings.
Do you need to find more listings?
Is it because there is nothing that differentiates you from your competition? Well, we'll show you how to fix this. We'll give you the tools to impress sellers so much that they'll actually want to list with you!

Join us on the webinar so we can show you two easy ways to market yourself. Then sellers will actually come and ask you to list their home.

And don't worry... it doesn’t involve drone pictures, guaranteed sale programs, or cold calling. Just some simple marketing strategies that actually work.   
Are you tired of competing with other agents?
Then let us teach you how to outmaneuver your competition, and the deals will starting flowing right in. Use these proven strategies to build your marketing platform and beat out your competitors.

Why work hard when you can work smart, right? That's what I say, at least.

So stop doing all those things that don't work and we'll show you how to work smarter to get better results in less time.
Join us and we'll show it all to you...
Joe Nickelson

Realtor & Marketing Coach
Smart Agents

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