How to List Up To 20 Homes Per Month Helping Divorcing Homeowners
(Plus, learn the 3 secret niches to target in 2019)
Around 50% Of Marriages End In Divorce, 61% List Their Home For Sale.

These Owners NEED A Compassionate, Caring Agent To Step Up And Help. 
It’s unfortunate but it's true!
Did you know 3.6% of the population gets divorced each year. And 61% of them sell their home as a result

These sellers need a good agent to help them sell their home in this tough time of their life.

On this training workshop you'll learn: 
  •   How to find homeowners going through a divorce, who want to sell, that other agents don’t know about. 
  •   The strategy a newbie agent used to land a $1,095,000 listing within the first 30 days as an agent… without having any sort of real estate track record!
  •   How to take divorce listings away from top producers and teams without having any experience working with divorce sellers or having fancy real estate credentials!
  •  How to use goodwill to generate up to 3 transactions from just one divorce sale. 
Space is VERY limited and this webinar will be at capacity, so please be sure to reserve your seat today!
Joe Nickelson

Realtor & Marketing Coach
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