"Tired Of Wishing You Could List Expireds? Today, I’ll Show You The Easiest Way To List A Whole Bunch Of Them.
"Tired Of Wishing You Could List Expireds? Today, I’ll Show You The Easiest Way To List A Whole Bunch Of Them."
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24 Proven Expired
Listing Strategies
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Tired Of Wishing You
Had More Listings?
Most people think that if you don’t have a lot of listings… then it’s because you aren’t a great salesperson. Nothing could be further from the truth. 
You Simply Haven’t Found The Breakthrough That
Will Give You Success With The Expireds! 
I know you might laugh. But it’s true. Let me tell you a little story. At the end, you can decide for yourself if I’m correct. Or not. There was once a Realtor named Paul.
Paul used to struggle with listing Expireds.
He tried it for a little while… couldn’t get any listings… and eventually gave up. “I’m just not good enough to list the Expireds”, he told himself. 
Then, Paul discovered a few new Expired Strategies and decided to test them out. He started working the Expireds again.
And surprisingly… Paul got listings.
Not a ton. But, enough to change his business. The first week he tested out the new strategies… he got 1 listing. But, that was enough for Paul to realize he could do it! 
He could list expireds! So, he doubled down and kept on working them. 
Today, Paul lists 4-5 expireds every single month.
And he’s slowly growing his business. Has more confidence. Is enjoying the real estate business again. Stopped working weekends. And only works late if he has a listing appointment.
Otherwise, he leaves work around 5 every day. Only works with a buyer every once in awhile. (He’s super picky about which buyers he spends his time with.)
I’m sure you’re wondering how Paul did it. 
He used the strategies you’ll find inside the book I’m offering you on this page. It’s titled: 24 Proven Expired Listing Strategies. Paul read thru it… and discovered a few strategies that actually work. 
These strategies made him stand out from his competition. And when he use them… Expireds actually wanted to hire him. So, he didn’t have to use “Ninja Closing Techniques” to get the listings.
Paul has tried some of the “Ninja Closing Techniques.” They just don’t work for him.
Here are some of the strategies
Paul used to get listings:
On page 57 of the book, Paul read about “The Overlooked Expired Leads That You Can List With No Competition.” It sounded intriguing.
The next day he tried it out. He discovered there were 1,260 overlooked leads in his market area. He started contacting them. The third person he talked to wanted to sell. Shockingly… he got the listing!
This is the first Expired that Paul listed for $200,000.
This is the first Expired that Paul listed for $200,000. It was easy to list because he had no competition.

He was surprised at how easy it was. Part of the reason he got the listing was because there was no competition. No one else knew they wanted to sell (even though they were an Expired.)
But, Paul didn’t stop there.
He kept on reading the book and started using the other strategies in there. Within a few months… he was getting quite a few listings.
Here is how his life has changed: 
  •  He’s not as stressed out because his income is more consistent.
  •  He doesn’t work as much because he has quality listings - and barely works with buyers anymore. 
  •  He’s more confident because he’s got plenty of listings and isn’t desperate for business. 
And to think… it all came from the information he found in a book.
You can get the same results as Paul.
You may not realize it, but Paul used the same strategies revealed in the book that is offered on this page. When you grab a copy of the book… you will have access to the same strategies that Paul used.
You can start listing Expireds. You can enjoy the freedom that comes when you have plenty of great listings. Before long you can be getting as many listings as Paul is getting every month 
Which of these expired strategies are you going
to use to get a whole bunch of listings?
Here’s a quick sample of some of the most effective strategies that you’ll discover tucked away inside this book:
  •   The #1 thing you must have if you want to have success with expireds.
  •   The overlooked expired leads that you can list with no competition.
  •   The fastest way to get more listings (use this strategy to get a listing by tomorrow.)
  •   How to be a godsend to the expireds you meet. (Do this and you’ll get lots of listings.)
  •   The best way to stand out from your competition.
  •   The easiest way to list expireds (I’ve tried all the strategies… and this is the strategy I use today.)
  •   The innovative marketing approach most Agents wouldn’t think of. 
  •   The one expired tool you must have (it enabled me to poach a $6,000 commission from my competitor.)
  •   Powerful expired marketing approaches that most agents overlook.
  •   How to get every seller to like you – so they list with you.
  •   How to dramatically boost your listing presentation conversion. (This one strategy has done more to improve my listing presentation than anything else I’ve ever tried. And... I’ve tried a bunch!)
  •   How to list Expireds in a Red Hot Market.
  •   How to do a killer listing presentation… and get the listing.
  •   The biggest lie that holds agents back from success with expireds.
  •   An overlooked strategy that garnered me a $4,650 commission.
I can’t believe I’m giving away so much powerful information inside of a book.
There are strategies inside here that you
won’t be able to find anywhere else. 
And guess what? They work! I’ve gotten a lot of listings from them. Paul has gotten a bunch of listings from them. And so have a lot of other agents.
Now, it’s your turn to get a whole bunch of listings.
So, grab your copy of the book below to get started. When you order I’m going to ship you a hard copy of the book. But… 
When you order… you’ll also get access to
a PDF Version of the book right away.
So in less than 3 minutes… you can be going thru the book yourself… and start using these strategies to get listings. So, grab your copy today… and let’s get started.
Ben Curry
Realtor at Your First Real Estate
Marketing Director at Smart Agents
JUST $19
24 Proven Expired
Listing Strategies
Claim Your Copy Of The Expired Listing Book Right Now.
30 Day No Questions Asked Guarantee!
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